Commercial Diving in Panama

We are leaders in diving services for ship assistance, characterizing ourselves as innovators, providing the best results.


We are born in Panama in 2020, with the ambition to supply the needs of commercial diving in a growing demand for services aiming to offer in each operation, quality with suitable and qualified technicians, maintaining a healthy environment in terms of health, safety and environmental factors.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers with the future vision of expanding our offerings.

Also to create strategies to improve the quality of service through innovation in the application of new techniques and technologies.


To be a leader in diving services for ship assistance, characterized by innovation, improvements and the best results.


To always provide the best methods and thus seek solutions that provide cost reduction and positive results while complying with safety, health and environmental standards.

We scrutinize our processes for constant improvement, safety is our hallmark and customer service is our passion.

We develop our operations manuals with the premise of a long-lasting business relationship, stamped with camaraderie and satisfaction.



Hull cleaning

Carried out with UCM International - Twin brush Machine.

Lack of hull maintenance is directly related to increased fuel consumption.
The accumulation of marine flora and fouling decreases the vessel's displacement performance.

At AQUANAFTIKOS we use Twin brushes Machines (UCM) to remove adhesions on the hull.

Propeller cleaning

Cleaning of the ship's propeller is also part of the maintenance required so that the efficiency in navigation is not diminished.

Anode replacement (cathodic system)

Anodic protection is a method that consists of coating a metal with a thin layer of oxide to prevent it from corroding.
On the other hand, cathodic protection occurs when a metal is forced to be the cathode of a corrosive cell of a metal that corrodes more easily than it does.

In AQUANAFTIKOS we do the replacement of anodes, carrying out the removal and installation of new ones with their underwater welding points.


Photographic inspection of hull condition

Underwater inspections are used to assess the condition of the hull with respect to the vessel's performance and displacement.

It is one of our main services in several ranges.

This report is also provided to document the before and after work performed on the vessel.

We understand the challenges involved in this type of work and the scope of the evaluation of the vessel's construction, marine structures, corrosion, painting, antifouling and other details that will help our clients to have a complete report to assist them in their operational decisions.

UWILD (in process of certification)

We are in the process of adapting our manuals to submit our facilities for inspection to the classification houses in order to perform UWILD (under water inspection in Lieu of Dry docking) inspections.

Antifouling condition analysis and sampling

Within the range of services provided by our company, we have the inspection of the antifouling system with surface sampling and analysis.


Through sonar, we are able to recover anchors and other important devices, submerged by chance in navigation.

Do not hesitate to count on our services.

At AQUANAFTIKOS, we know that commitment to safety first and guaranteed quality go hand in hand,

All under international regulations with standards recognized by the competent authorities and the international maritime organization.



Seamor Marine's Chinook ROV (Remotely operated Vehicle) offers a versatile stable platform. With its small profile, the Chinook can operate in tight quarters and stores easily when not in use. Multiple handles and frame cross members allow two people to operate this ROV with ease.

Twin Brushes Machines

At AQUANAFTIKOS we use Twin brushes Machines (UCM) to remove adhesions on the hull.

The system is hydraulic and the UCM (brush machine) motors are activated by a hydraulic motor from the dive boat.

Depending on the condition of the hull, nylon, steel or barnicle (snail) brushes are used.

Hydraulic polishing machines are used for this purpose.

Cathodic Systems

Special electrode for underwater welding, specially developed for welding carbon steels underwater by manual electric welding process.


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